This article shows you the easy setup of gramchat

Step 1 - Add the gramchat javascript to your website

<script src=""></script>
<script>window.onload = function () {
gram = window.Gram.initialize({
apiKey: "[API KEY]",
locales: {
title: "[Chat Window Name]",
name: "[Chat Agent Name]"

Step 2 - Add gramchat to your telegram

In your purchase email will be two links. One for adding the bot to your personal telegram, the other one for adding it to a group.

Just click on the link on your phone and the bot will automatically be added to your Telegram.

The link will look like following:


Manual setup

  1. Create a group

  2. Add new user & search for the bot "gramchat_me_bot"

  3. Add the bot

  4. Send your APIKEY and APISECRET as setup message. The setup message needs following format /start [YOUR APIKEY]00100[YOUR APISECRET]

Step 3 -Make the gramchat bot an admin of the group

  1. Open group settings

  2. Click on the three dots and click on Select admins

  3. Set the bot as admin

The bot will also work without admin rights, but your chat messages will be way more over clear with the bot as admin. (As we can remove unused messages)